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Val L.

When it was time to sell my home, I came to Rosie because I had found, when previously shopping for houses in Oakland, that her homes always looked fantastic and sold for top dollar. I was not disappointed. She exceeded my expectations in every phase of the sales process, from preparing the house, to marketing, negotiating, and closing the deal for well over asking. She advised me on how to improve the home without overspending and meticulously guided everything including the staging to make the house look amazing. She acted as the project manager, finding people to do the work and managing them so I didn’t have to. The marketing materials and online presence she created were terrific, with top quality photos that showcased the house beautifully. As a result, we had a lot of interest in the house and received multiple strong offers. When closing the deal, Rosie acted both as my strategist and negotiator, helping me evaluate the offers and negotiate the best terms possible. During escrow she carefully managed the paperwork and the many surprises that came up. She listened carefully to my concerns and I always felt she was looking out for my best interests. I am so very happy with her results, and will absolutely go back to Rosie in the future. Throughout the process she was a pleasure to work with and I was continually impressed by her real-estate savvy, work ethic, and personal commitment.