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Through all the years that I’ve represented homeowners, here are the questions I’ve found most sellers want answered:

Q:  How much is my house worth?

A: Your home’s value is NOT based on what you paid for it, or how much you need in order to sell.  It is based on what buyers are willing to pay for it, based on recent sales in the area, its condition, and any added amenities and improvements made to it.  It also depends on when you sell, and the temperament of the market at that time.

As a seasoned Realtor who has an intimate knowledge of the various neighborhoods in the East Bay, I’ll provide you with recent comparable sales of homes in your area.  We’ll also walk through your home to determine its condition, and factor in any improvements that have been made.  We’ll determine when’s the best time to sell based on your needs, and we’ll discuss how market conditions may impact your home’s worth.

Q:  What do I need to do to get it ready?

A: Many homeowners feel overwhelmed at the thought of getting their home ready for sale.  As your Realtor, I’ll work side-by-side you and help simplifying the process:

  1. Clean out and de-clutte
  2. Make recommended repairs
  3. Perform required and recommended inspections

TIP:  While you’re cleaning out, pull out all receipts, permits and warranties for work done to provide the buyers with documentation.

Q:  When should I put my house on the market?

A: It depends on your needs. A homeowner thinking of retiring and moving down to Arizona may start planning the year before.  An expectant couple may want to sell before the baby is due, or a professional may need to sell quickly due to a job promotion.  As your advisor, we’ll discuss your needs and map out a target date that works best for you.

Q: Why should I hire you? (Or, what makes you different from other agents?)

A. The adage that “Experience Counts” is especially true with Realtors.  With experience comes knowledge and confidence.  It’s knowing what to do, and what NOT to do.  For me, it’s having diplomacy and skills to negotiate your best on your client’s behalf, it’s committing your money and your marketing skills to create an expansive, focused marketing strategy that will deliver results. It’s the style in which you work with people — providing exceptional client care not only to your sellers, but to the buyers, lenders, and other agents so that we can all achieve the end result.  It’s fully understanding the selling process so to be able to anticipate and resolve any potential crisis before it becomes a problem. And finally, it’s having your client’s trust that you will do everything and more to achieve maximum results and provide them with a rewarding selling experience.


  • Initial meeting to understand your selling needs, determine a pricing strategy, schedule, and make recommendations to prep your home for sale.
  • Recommend and oversee tradespeople, work repairs.  Oversee all prep work including painting, staging and landscaping.  Recommend and oversee all seller inspections
  • Strategically market your home which includes print and on-line mediums, including a professional photo shoot, custom property brochure, newspaper ads, custom website, postcards, internet exposure on all major real estate sites, and connecting with local top Realtors.
  • Present and review all offers and negotiate on your behalf.  Provide seller’s net sheet, Oversee escrow between all parties, including title company, buyer’s lender, and appraiser to ensure a smooth escrow!

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